Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A good weekend’s work

Even though I had to work Saturday I still got a three day weekend (Friday, Sunday, Monday.) I spent most of Friday running errands (grocery, bank etc) and I did get the lot mowed before the rains rolled in and spotted another dozen rocks that Andrew and I picked up on Sunday. Andrew only had Sunday off so we just kind of relaxed. Yesterday I spent the morning picking up Andrew’s birthday presents and then went on to Mom and Dad’s to start working on the door from Canada seriously because this Saturday we are picking up two mission style French doors for the family room. I have to get the Canada door ready for Andrew to (sand and stain) while I start stripping the French doors. I put on an audio book and stripped both sides completely and one side cleaned with one round of Formsby’s condition/refinisher. Mom swears by the stuff and she’s right to do so. Not only does it pick up left over stripper, but continues to lift up dirt, shellac and gunk and moisturizes the wood to get it ready for whatever you want to do with it. It’s a good bet this door is a heavy yellow pine door that’s been stained (before the coat of shellac, and three kinds paint.) Andrew wants to stain it Cherry and I think that will look good. It was so satisfying to not be on a computer all day and to just plug in an audio book, get some Gatorade and just work on it. Mom and Dad came in occasionally to advise and do a little scraping. There may be a chance that Andrew will be off both Saturday and Sunday and that never happens. If so we are going to go to Oakridge and get some trees to plant along the back and side of the lot. We’ll also spend a lot of time working on the doors. Tomorrow I will go to pick up our preliminary floor plans to show to the contractor. I will be posting pictures soon of the door from Canada as it is refinished and the French Door find. Bye, Julie

Saturday, May 28, 2005

We have a house number!

I have put off blogging because I have been depressed, busy and stressed. Andrew is back from his trip out of town. We had a family member pass away and the past couple of weeks have a decidedly blue tinge to them. Andrew has to work most of this weekend but on Sunday we hope to finish stripping the door we got at Canada—we have to wrap that project up in a couple of weeks because this Saturday I am going to pick up some old French doors with a mission style look. Quite a find I think. Anyway we got our approval/suggestions for putting in a driveway and got our house number-2321 South Parkview Rd. Our application for a zoning permit can now go through. We meet with the floor plan drafter again this Wednesday so things are moving a long. I mowed the lot yesterday two hours before it rained. It’s amazing how quickly the sky can go from beautiful to “Hang on Toto” but there you have it. I found another dozen rocks for Andrew and I to pick up tomorrow and only ran over a couple of pieces of plastic tile so we must be getting most of that. I have been invited to join my first American Library Association Young Adult Library Services division committee. It’s a two year appointment and should be a lot of fun. I am preparing for my trip to Chicago—trying to figure out how big a suitcase I should bring. I am not staying as long as I did last time so I may try to get away with a smaller case. I’m also going to dress a lot more casual for comfort since it will be so hot. Not much else to write. I imagine we will have the driveway in by the time I leave for Chicago.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Canada and stuff

Well I think I am just starting to dig myself out of the hole from vacation. You know, laundry, groceries, running errands for the house, mowing the lot, trying to cram in a little socializing if I can. Andrew and I had a lovely vacation in Canada and had just a really good time. The rest of May will be rough for Andrew. He is working nearly every day this month. On Thursday we go to his paramedic school orientation. Also on Thursday I will give a 2 hour presentation or mini-workshop based on that special training I went to in Boston in January.

Canada was great, a little cold, but the B&B we stayed at was absolutely beautiful.

We did see three moose and a black bear at Algonquin National Park.

Mom and I went to the local (40 miles away) mall and they had a lot of nice clothes shops. Even their Wal-Mart felt like the equivalent to Target down here. Andrew spotted a neat antique door at one of the craft stores and we have no idea what wood it is except it’s heavy and we hope to use it in the house somehow. I didn’t get sick once (woo-hoo!) and when we got home Kitten wailed at us like she was auditioning for the role of little matchstick girl. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we have a relative that is very ill and we are quite worried and sad. I will be emailing out our online vacation album shortly. Julie

Sunday, May 08, 2005

an even shorter report

Back from Canada. It was great. Playing a ridiculous amount of catch up and will email photos and post to the blog--oh let's be honest here, like a week from now. love jules