Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh there's really no excuse

Accept maybe that we had no Internet at the house because out line was dead in the study but Dad fixed it. Right now though even though the line works we are being cheap and not getting the Internet quite yet. This puts quite a dent in activity. I will post pictures of Tweeker (also known as Baby Tweek, Get-off-that-counter-right-now and Grrrrrrrr that would be Kitten's name for him)

Yes and it turned out Tweek is a boy after all. He is all recovered from getting neutered and declawed. We still keep him in the study and night and when we aren't home. Kitten is growing gradually more used to him. She basically has three modes: ignore him, growl at him, and casting looks of murder at him and despondency to us. Tweek doesn't understand what she is upset about and can't see that running up to her full bore or swatting at her tail are not interepreted as overtures of friendship.

We have the guest bedroom almost done. I got a second coat of paint on and Andrew had to pry off the trim for us to lay laminate. Andrew just has to put the last row in, that needs to be cut lengthwise to fit against the wall. Then we'll rehang the trim, out the guest bedroom together and increase both cat's territory a little bit.

Dad has been using the skid loader in the backyard so spring must be here. He's trying to get us a better grade off the back for our curtain drain. We now have enough dirt to fill in around the septic in the back and grade the front out a bit. We have a lot of work ahead of us and I am not sure how we will do it with Andrew's hectic 4th quarter schedule. We gotta trench the tiles in the yard. Rock hound about half of our yard and do the grass thing. Plus we are going to expand the driveway a little bit and of course Andrew is planning the beginnings of his garden. He wants strawberry beds, a handful of vegetables to start and of course get his orchard going.

I hope he will be allowed to do 24 hour ride time shifts. For this last quarter he has to ride at one department for 120 hours opposed to the 60 of previous quarters. If he isn't allowed to do 24 hour chunks, I expect it will be more difficult to get all that we want done, well done. We'll see.

Not much else really we are all healthy and busy etc. I will try to post pictures soon and blog more often. I know, promises promises.