Thursday, January 25, 2007

um you know that Sore Throat...

Hi, that sore throat turned out to be

And it sucked.

Last week I took a whole week off work.

And my tonsils were really really gross.

I couldn't even swallow a tylenol.

Andrew took really good care of me, I ate jello, scrambled eggs, soup and drank a lot of gatorade. I watched 5,000 movies, read 4 books and generally felt sorry for myself.

that is all


Monday, January 08, 2007

With the Ice Cream Maker we are Unstoppable

Well it's nothing but appliance joy at the Scordato household. We finally busted out the bread machine (yes that one we got at the wedding) and made some bread last week but are going to what on major production until we get an electric knife. So far we have made like 10 quarts of ice cream and sherbert. So far the strawberry I have made with lactose free whole milk is my favorite. I've ussed my kitchen aid mixer twice and have started experimenting with my digital camera. I can take pictures in black and white and sepia tones.

Not much else going on--oh wait yeah, I was really sick last week. What started as a sore throat...