Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vacation that is sort of a Vacation

So I took this week off from work to help Mom at the Tax Office, today (Tuesday) is a lot less hectic than yesterday with the calls but I'd like to think I am still helping Mom quite a bit. Because I just took five days off with the sore throat and infected tonsils from Hell, I am still trying to keep up with the most critical things at work through email and I think doing okay.

There really isn't any interesting or earth shattering news but in an effort to blog remotely regularly I am now typing. It is really really cold here but like 90% of my readers--yes all 6 of you, probably already know that. It's snowing now. Dad picked me up with Mom this morning so I will mostly stay through the late evening with them. We shouldn't get asm uch as Cincinnati at least. Tweeker continues to get fat and the other night slept with me when I had the mattress pad turned up enough.

I have most of our old pictures in antique frames hung up in the family room. I think it will look pretty cool when it is done, I have as few as three and as many as four left to hang. Last week we got a picture of Andrew's grandparents scordato wedding picture and it is really, really cool so I am going to put it in an antique frame that matches our wedding frame.

I moved great grandma perdue's trunk underneath the pictures and put on of our older quilts on top so I think it will look quite nice when it is done.

Not much else to post really, I hope to have some pictures to post once it gets a little warmer. Jules