Saturday, April 12, 2008

So that's why I didn't hear from you

It's not like I expect you know, a bunch of people to write me about the exciting going on at the scordato grotto like making pot roasts and onion rolls etc. But I talked to a friend yesterday who said I didn't send the reminder link which explains why I heard nary a peep.

Yesterday as I was driving around running errands, I thought of all kinds of interesting things to say in the blog and now, unfortunately, none come to mind. I've put some grass seed down and will put some more down tommorrow before we might get a little snow, in the bare patches or little ravines that didn't quite take. I finally took the Christmas garland off the mailbox and spring is around the corner I think.

No great photos recently but soon I think. I was in a blind Wednesday night by a little shallow pond hoping to catch a heron before the sun went down, filling up on Peepers but know luck.

That night Mom called to warn that Dad had already found a tick on his pants. Second week of April and the ticks are out already...great. I saw hardly any wildlife but did find an owl pellet.

Currently I am listening to Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver (in the car) and relistening to Mistress of theArt of Death (in the kitchen) and reading Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters who Ruled's very readable and interesting.

Later, J