Saturday, February 09, 2013

Winter Hodge Podge

Not a lot of activity to report, except for...
The goldies are laying again! We've been getting four eggs a day since the middle of January. "Julie," you ask, "what happens to goldie's eggs when it gets down to 15 degrees by day and 6 degrees by night and you miss a day getting the eggs out of the nest box? Um, this:
Liquid expands when it freezes, but then it's so cold that once the egg cracks it continues to stay frozen solid. In indoor news, I made some lavender skin toner to pick up dry winter skin.
I also tried the peanut butter rice krispies again but this time I put them in a brownie pan and melted chocolate chips over them. They were delicious...but a little dense.
In a few days I will have a blog post about the newest addition to the Scordato homestead. Let's just say she appeared like a stranger in the night... For now, here are a few shots from warmer days.