Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No, sigh, I haven't hooked the computer up yet

But we are getting there. We may, dream of all dreams, actually be able to put our vehicles in the garage this weekend. We just have to move some things down to the basement and move in the rest of the books and get rid of our cardboard etc. The house this week is just starting to feel like a real home to me, more than the potential to feel like home feeling I had earlier. There are of course lots of projects of various sizes ahead of us. I have my area of the study pretty much the way I want it and may hook up the computer this weekend. I have taken a few pictures in the house. We had a bit of a hailstorm last night and boy does the wind blow on top of that hill. Trees, lots and lots of trees will be a priority this summer. Kitten seems to be adjusting better, eating like a horse and getting back to her fat and cuddly self.

Last night I played two hours of Simpsons hit and run on the new playstation, I can't believe you shell out 150 bucks and only get one controller and no memory card. It took me a full hour to realize that I will crash into less things if I deccelerate around the curves. I tended to fall apart under the pressure of time trials and timed missions and at one point gave up, and decided to run around springfiedl gathering money to amass a fleet of vehicles (plow king plow, duff truck, electrosaurus etc) kill wasps and find collector's cards. The wind was howling and Kitten was curled up beside me and it was quite pleasant.

I am glad that I didn't go to mid-winter, even though we moved in the week before, being home for three days to unpack and nest was a real boost to the ole mental health. The weather has gotten downright wintry and all day I have felt a bit off. I hope it really is just the weather, I don't have much of a window to get sick. I have given two presentations this week and one more tommorrow, so I can't run out of gas yet.

I've been listening to some adult fiction titles as my post of 2006 Audies judge..

I've also been reading Breakfast with Tiffany which is pretty good.

Andrew is doing okay, back in the old school/work routine.

Thanks for checking the blog occassionally, I'll try to email soon. Jules

Monday, January 16, 2006

Unpack that box!

Well, we’ve been in the house 5 nights now and I am slowly starting to feel a) much calmer as each box gets unpacked and b) seeing the vision of what our home will look like once it is all put together. The first couple of nights it was almost too bizarre for words, not in a bad way just weird. We picked up our Mission oak table from the antique shop this weekend. It has a little mildew on the back side of the drawer and at some point, I’ll want to clean the varnish off of it but it is basically immediately usable. Andrew started unpacking some stuff in the study and tonight we will put together the dining room table together and I’m hoping Andrew will have gotten the chance to put the entertainment center together in terms of wiring all our stuff up so I can start unpacking audio stuff.

I don’t know when I will be able to post pictures. The problem is even when we get the computer hooked up, we can’t even begin to get the internet until we get our phone line put in (Verizon has sent two notices confirming to set up service but won’t give us a date and calling them is a joke.) Mom’s computer doesn’t have a cd burner and the cd burner on my laptop won’t burn easy share files. I may burn a cd at cord camera.

Not much else to report really. The mission doors look really great and maybe by this weekend we will be able to put the cars in the garage. Later, Jules

Friday, January 13, 2006

We're In!

Well we picked Kitten up from the Kennel Sunday night and kept her in the family room. We moved a couple of the leather recliners in for her to sleep on and she did fine. Those mission doors have been really helpful in keeping Kitten separated from people walking through and getting into trouble. She has been eating like a pig ever since we got home and her coat is glossing up again.

Our final inspection was on Wednesday afternoon and it passes. Andrew had the afternoon off between work and school and he moved all of the essentials that we were keeping at Mom and Dad’s so we spent our first night in the house on Wednesday. I didn’t get much sleep though, without any furniture but the bed and some boxes the bedroom felt kind of creepy that first night. On Thursday Andrew’s day clinicals got canceled so he was able to help Dad and his buddies move all the rest of our stuff. It was great to come home last night and have plenty of unpacking to do. All the furniture is in the house and what boxes aren’t in the house are in the garage. I made some headway in the kitchen and bedroom last night and have all weekend to get us further settled. I’ll pick up our mission table for the study this weekend too. I will show pictures once we get the computer hooked up which could be as early as next week—but don’t get your hopes up. Hooking up the computer is a lower priority right now. Talk to you later, Jules