Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing like Lactose Intolerance to Keep You Humble

Okay, so we all know that by and large, this blog is not geared towards my professional work, that's a personal choice more than anything else. That said, I am thrilled, thrilled to share with you dear readers my selection as a 2009 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. You can read about it and see my ultra suave picture here

I have my cousin Cherie to thank for the fabulous hair. The photo shoot was in Denver and she took me to her fabulous hair guy Wayne and he made me look, well, great.

In an alternate universe, I'm sure my hair looks like this all the time. It's the same universe where I've published my book and can eat macaroni and cheese.

But in this universe, I'm still lactose intolerant, and there's nothing like not being able to eat 8o% of the items on a restaurant menu to keep you humble.

As evidenced here by my very attentive server last night:...

well blogger says there's an internal error so picture a restaurant receipt here:

Atlantic Salmon 11.99

Here's to decades without mac and cheese

your 2009 Library Mover and Shaker