Friday, June 29, 2007

So Jules, what the crap have you been doing?

Well working, and working and working. And other stuff too.

Basically Summer Reading is in Full swing at the library and I've had a crazy schedule there. Plus since we have had very little rain in the past two months I spend a lot of time watering our trees. Our sycamore totally didn't leaf out on the limbs and is starting new limbs around the trunk so basically we are just trying to keep him alive. The pine trees are growing like gang busters and so are the crab apples. I find taking care of the trees very satisfying. It's a real stress reliever to quietly water them after 8 o clock whenit has cooled down a little. I like being able to see them physically grow and they don't have the temporary aspect of flowers. Most likely these trees will outlive me or at least some of them and I find that very cool.

Our garden is doing well. It's just watermelons and sweet corn this year and I am growing two onions in a pot. Andrew's orchard is up to six trees now and they are doing well.

We adopted a kitten from the Union County Humane Society about a month ago. She's a little tortie and very fiesty. We are keeping her in the guest bedroom until she gets a little bigger and take her out to play at night. If Tweek doesn't think we are getting her out soon enough he cries at the door.

We got a grill a couple of weeks ago and use it pretty often. After 4 years I've broken out the bread machine and am quickly becoming obsessed with it. It just smells so good when it's baking and I can control the ingredients. So I've made Italian Herb Bread and Cinammon Raisin and I have like 6 cinammon roll dough recipes that require little or no butter. We have an electric knife too which is like essential otherwise (or at least in my case) the sliced bread looks hacked off. Actually an electric knife is kind of like a chainsaw, only for bread.

I've been taking some pictures and doing lots of laundry. Andrew is well. He got a punching bag and stand for his birthday so is building up quite the home gym.

That's really all the news that's fit to blog, and maybe not even then.