Monday, September 26, 2005

Um, I meant to post earlier...

I really, really did.

Okay so the house is going on absolutely smashingly (in a good way). Yesterday was the two month anniversary of the groundbreaking and we have it framed, walled, roofed and three quarters sided. We have the tubs, showers and bulk of the wiring in. Windows and doors are in. It looks like a real house. It is exciting--well, when we have the time to be excited. The past few weekends I have been devoting most of my time to staining the downstairs trim. With Dad's help we have nearly all of it done. It was a little touch and go there when we used some minwax cherry stain on the hard yellow pine--it was awful--even when the pine was pre treated. Then we got this stuff from our contractor called Wood Kote Gel Stain and it ROCKS. This trim is beautiful, rich, warm and some pieces I swear they look like art. You will see when you come to visit. Doors will come in next week and I will try to get them donw by the middle of the month so I can finish October painting the upstairs doors. November will be spent painting drywall and then moving.

Once the weather cools down I will do round two of packing, winter clothes and other things I couldn't pack away earlier. Andrew has started his second quarter of paramedic school. I think our gas conservation efforst are paying off, we fill our tanks 3 times a week, maybe four and that is pretty good, really it is for the driving we do. Speaking of driving (no I did not wreck yet again--knock on wood) I applied for a job at the Hilliard branch earlier this month (another reason why I have been too busy to post, preparing for the interview) while I didn't get it, I hope I made a good impression with all interviews in light of future opportunities. Some folks are moving around the system and I am hopeful. As the reality of the move draws nearer I worry the drive will not be do able for long. What this means for my career path, I'm not sure. There isn't a big market for librarians who like teens in Mechanicsburg :) and I like working for CML. We'll see. Not much else really, I will try to be better about posting. I don't have many pictures to post because everything is going on inside and I think a picture of a bunch of wires would not be that interesting to you. Yes, we plan to take pictures and measurements of all the walls before the dry wall goes in and we may even videotape a walk through. All for now. Julie

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's hard to know where to start...

I guess obviously, with our beautiful, fabulous house. This morning I stopped by after getting my teeth cleaned. It's roofed (plywood etc) and so when looking at it--I can really envision what our home is going to be. I took a picture but got the wrong angle with the sunshine so will try again this weekend. I had a long five day weekend (long story) and spent both Saturday and Sunday night at Mom and Dad's since Andy had to work nights. We are making a concentrated effort to save money on gas. Dad helped me paint the upstairs trim for the house. We did it in two hour installments and mowed the lot. The trim looks pretty good. I still have to do all the doors for the upstairs. This sunday Dad and I will start the trim for the downstairs, staining pine cherry to match the laminate and the mission french doors. Where is Andrew you ask? Working of course because some of his time during the week he is at school but he works a lot during the week too. He has his quarter exam tonight and will spend a lot of time next week trying to finish up his other class for his bachelor's. He continues to be at the top of his class. Hey I have to brag about him because he certainly won't!!!

In other news, Dad's friend invited him along to these folks who were cleaning out this barn that had a bunch of stuff in it. And Dad God bless em brought home some serious booty like a solid oak dresser--three drawers, mission style. I stripped just enough to find out it is all oak woohoo! And now it will go in a corner of the barn until...oh Lord spring probably. Dad also brought a two shelf bookcase that may or may not be salvagable, and two really sweet wooden medicine cabinets with mirrors.

Weather was gorgeous all labor day weekend. I tried to soak in as much sunshine and fresh air as I could. On Saturday Andrew and I made another strategic move to save on gas by trading in the blazer for an CRV, same year, about 20,000 less miles and we are going to try to just fill up the tank for the crv and corrolla once a week. I am very comfortable handling the crv and Andrew feels like he has enough leg room. The crv gets like 250 miles per tank so I think we will be set. We will swap out cars on a daily basis. Whoever has the longest commute of the day gets the corrolla and on weekends where andrew works at mechanicsburg I will ride over with him (6:30 am!) argh.

A reminder that I will be putting out a desperate plea for help with primering and painting in about--5 weeks? I will ask that those who can and able to to please email me around the first of October. Then I will email you folks with weekend days I have off and then if you could give me like four hours, morning or afternoon you would be pure gold! Morning folks get lunch Afternoon dinner and my eternal gratitude. Andrew and I would like to get 4 rooms painted before move in. As usual, thank you for all your love and good thoughts. Not to get all new-age-y or anything but we can definitely feel it. I will post more pictures this weekend.