Friday, February 24, 2006

A Second Cat

Well, we find ourselves preparing to adopt a second kitty. You know when Chubby died last year Andrew promised me that when we got the house we could get a second cat and it would be orange. With all the hustle and bustle and with kitten getting sick on and off we shelved the idea. But a cat has presented itself to us and we are both in love. The family friend that lives behind us has this very young barn cat. She used to sleep in the kennel with the old family boxer, sharing both body heat and dog food. But the boxer died before Christmas and since then the little cat has been living in the barn. Dad has been messing with it for about a month now, feeding it pounces to gain its trust and then handling it. This little cat lets Dad and me flip her on her back and rub her tummy and feet. The neighbor remembers seeing her around since summer but she is very small, tiny at less than 5 pounds but she is gaining swiftly. We have her in the tack room only, she has her own bed and litterbox which she uses regularly. She loves to be brushed and cuddled. She loves Dad best since he has spent the most time with her but she is very affectionate with me and Andrew too.

In a couple of weeks we will take her to the vet and then home. We are finishing the larger small bedroom. It is already painted and Andrew will be laying laminate so we can keep the kitties seperated. I am reading all kinds of books and online info about how to introduce them in the least stressful way. Plus I will be on vacation when we do this to supervise everything. I am excited about having another cat. I think kitten will adjust fine. She is curious more than territorial and she has so much affection. It will be a while before I can post pictures of the cat though, sounds still frighten her.

There really isn't any other news. I am preparing for my first SUS training outside of the system. I am back on as a VOYA reviewer and just finished being an audies judge. Andrew is doing okay. Third quarter is nearly finished. He pulled his back Sunday messing around in the basement but is on the mend.


I have just rediscovered Octavia Butler, God rest her ingenius soul. I read her latest and last, Fledgling back when we were in the apartment. I just finished listening to Parable of The Talents and have Bloodchild in my bedside stack. What an amazing writer, the world is less without her.

I just finished reading the long awaited sequel to The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. This makes a trilogy of the political intrigue/fantasty series that is a blend of middle age government and ancient Greek like culture. I highly recommend them.

I am also reading the Future of Freedom by Fareed Zakaria--I first encountered him on the daily show but now he has his own show on PBS. Speaking of PBS, the frontline they did in January of Country Boys was absolutely amazing, and I watched David Sutherland's earlier work, the Farmer's Wife, earlier this month. Get them.

Other things I am reading are the Bully of Bentonville (read Wal-mart as evil corporate entity).

I also just finished reading a Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl. If you are a YA person, get it. NOW!

I'm really excited about titles coming up. Christopher Moore's latest, A Dirty Job comes out at the end of March and I will get a chance to meet him at a bookstore in April. A short story collection featuring Kim Harrison, Dates from Hell, comes out in April along with the new Mary Janice Davidson, Dead and Loving It. May, May can't come soon enough, the 6th installment of my beloved Sookie Stackhouse series, Definitely Dead comes out--a galley on EBAY went for over 75 bucks yesterday!!!

Okay, that's it, Jules

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Library Time

Sometimes, I think time moves faster for librarians and staff. Last week I was helping someone check out their books and the receipt read March and I thought to myself "March alread?" Well not really, not for another few weeks but working at a library reminds me how fast time is going be regularly showing where time is going. It's a bit depressing. But March means warmer weather around the corner. Soon we gotta start planning how we are going to tackle the myriad of projects around the house.

We are pretty much settling in. Can fit one car in the garage and hopefully both once Andrew gets the home weight set moved to the basement. We had, oddly enough, a bad mosquito problem a couple of weeks ago. They were living in the sump pump and floating throughout the house but a good does of plant based raid seems to be taking care of the problem.

There really isn't any other news or anything special. We managed to get some time outside on Sunday and that was a real boost.

I am listening to Parable of the Talents, and extremely interesting sci-fi novel set in an America no one would want to live in, set in the early 2030's, many themes are eeriely similar to some of the things going on now. Very thoughtful, and by the immensely talented Octavia Butler.

More later, Jules

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the shortest blog entry in history

I have the computer hooked up and internet possibly next week, enjoy the pictures. Not much else exciting really. jules